Political Smear of Republican Candidate for County Chair

A political smear-piece regarding the candidacy of Pete Peterson for Hamilton County Republican Chairman was received yesterday, January 19th, by a number of Hamilton County Precinct Chairs, Vice Chairs and elected officials.  The document was delivered via US Post Office in an un-marked envelope without a return address.  The attribution at the bottom of the letter stated, “Members of the Constitutional Patriots of Hamilton County.”

The Constitutional Patriots wish to make it absolutely clear that the we had no role in creating or distributing this document. 

The Constitutional Patriots organization has the courage to ask tough political questions; consider diverse political opinions; and take strong political positions.  When our organization considers an issue and decides to take a position, we are not shy in making our position public, and we will stand strongly behind that position.  When we send something, it will be clear that it came from the Constitutional Patriots, not sent in an unmarked envelope.

The Constitutional Patriots believe that it is appropriate to ask tough questions of candidates and elected officials, and to hold those candidates and elected officials accountable for their votes and actions.  We do not fear being strong in our convictions and firm in our beliefs.

The Constitutional Patriots note that there is a principled method for bringing questions into the public view, including questions related to the vetting of candidates. Silently mailing anonymous, non-attributed smear-pieces to Precinct Chairmen is not a respectable method of engaging public discourse.

Hamilton County Precinct Chairs will be facing a difficult task this month in selecting a new County Republican Chairman.  This election is important.  Precinct Chairs should have the courage to vet every candidate and to ask tough questions of the people offering to lead the Party.  Anonymous smear-pieces are not an ethical means of achieving a political end.

The Constitutional Patriots reject such methods.




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