The Constitutional Patriots Endorse Eric Seidensticker for City Council


Why Are You Running For Office?
I am running for re-election so that the integrity of the Central District representation will be maintained. I have served to protect the financial and community interests of the city. the city is in a very precarious position that, if allowed to continue in its present direction, would likely be detrimental to the tax base, both to the tax payer and business owner. Longevity of the conservative state is my goal.

What Are Your Qualifications For The Office You Are Seeking?
8 years experience watching the administration make financial decisions that are putting the taxpayer at risk. 8 years of standing up to partial truths by the current administration. Continuing to dig for the truth when common sense points that direction. I know that giving in to the unsupported barrage of how sunny the future will be is not representation but blind support and is the reason we are so leveraged and why so many “projects” depend on Carmel subsidies!

What Would You Like To Accomplish When In Office?
Continue my support of a conservative budget, encouragement of the operating scheme of the free market, support of businesses who provide jobs and needed services to Carmel, support the restructuring of the relationship between the city and the people with transparency and a fair and competitive work environment leading the list. Albeit Council’s limited, I will continue to support an efficient (and cost effective) Parks and Recreation Department (including multi-use paths)

How Do You Define “Fiscal Responsibility”?
Fiscal responsibility is the action of providing necessary and cost effective solutions to the city as a whole, while always being cognizant that the source of funding is not unlimited and is negatively impacted fiscally  every time an unfunded objective is created.

What Will You Do To Promote Transparency To The Citizens When You Are In Office?
Continue my encouragement and support of a list-server concept so that everyone knows (has access to) what’s going on in Carmel. I would support an accrual basis presentation of the city’s financial position. I would support the immediate disclosure to anyone requesting financial/contractual information from any department. I would support quarterly or semi-annual reports by Department heads as to their over/under budget predictions.

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