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C. Steven Tucker weighs in on the court’s Obamacare decision

An Obamacare authority weighs in on the D. C. District Court of Appeals decision… C. Steven Tucker’s Expert Opinion HUGE legal smack down to the IRS and Obamacare in the D.C. Court of Appeals this morning! This is the case I’ve been writing about for years. The premise began with Oklahoma A.G. Oklahoma Attorney General […]

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Obama’s Scary Plan for Preschoolers On May 2, 2014, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius gave a speech to the Committee for Economic Development. She touted “an exciting investment opportunity.” She claims the investment “promises solid dividends and long-term growth” and states “its payout ratio is so solid that it’s projected to return at least $7 […]

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Join us at Carmelfest

Please join us at Carmelfest today from 4-10 and tomorrow from noon-10:30. The Constitutional Patriots booth is #65 and all of our proceeds will go to Indy Honor Flight. Good food, good music, vendors, fireworks and support our awesome World War II veterans!!! If you can’t make it to Carmelfest please use the donate button […]

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