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“Speak Up For America” Aug. 9, 2011

THIS EVENT IS FOR EVERYONE. IT CAN BE COMPLETED ANYWHERE. IT IS AN OPEN EVENT THAT ONLY REQUIRES YOU TO TAKE ACTION. WRITE, CALL, FAX, OR EMAIL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. Richard Lugar 317-226-5555, Dan Burton 202-225-2276, Dan Coats 202-224-5623 Ask them to stay true to Americas Founding Principles, and to stop the reckless spending. Speak […]

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Cut Cap Balance Pledge

On June 22, 40 of the most prominent conservative organizations, along with 11 senators and 14 house members, launched There are now more than 170 Tea Party, 9-12, and conservative groups in the coalition. The coalition asks lawmakers, candidates, and citizens to pledge NOT TO EVEN CONSIDER increasing the debt limit unless Congress first […]

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NEW Sarah Palin movie, The Undefeated

The Undefeated – A must see! The American Thinker has an excellent piece on WHY Stephen K Bannon’s film about the former governor of Alaska is such an important movie for those in the TEA and Liberty movements. From the American Thinker piece by Rob Cunningham: …I implore every freedom loving American to see Stephen […]

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Constitutional Patriots General Meeting

The Constitutional Patriots will be meeting Tuesday, July 12th at 7pm. We meet at 9618 Shelborne Road in Carmel. 96th Street and Shelborne are now open but 106th and Shelborne are going to be closed on or after July 11th so you might want to come in from 96th Street just in case 106th is […]

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Great 4th of July

The Constitutional Patriots booth received a lot of attention at Carmelfest. We gave away 500 balloons with our name imprinted on them and 200 pocket constitutions. People are engaged and concerned with the direction their cities, state and country are headed. Working together we CAN make a difference. We also collected signatures to get Mike […]

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