Facts About Carmel Debt

State property tax cap limit of 1% has been circumvented

1) The State of Indiana has capped the private real estate property tax rate at 1%, with increased rates on commercial real property. However, there are other “Ad Valorum” taxes that can be levied against real property. One such tax is the “Special Benefits Tax.” All Carmel real properties were made subject to this new tax as a result of a refinance of Carmel Redevelopment Commission debt through bond debt agreements identified as series 2012A and 2101B. The SBT hasn’t been levied, but seems certain due to structural deficiencies in CRC financial policy.

Levy of new property tax is now the option of bond trustees

2) The Official Statement of series 2012A and 2012B provides that the bond trustee require the Commission to levy the SBT should the Debt Service Reserve Fund fall below the level required. It is not clear, but it appears the Commission may, at its option, levy the SBT. The OS states that the Commission is not required to make payments from the Tax Increment Revenue received by the Commission.

Higher new tax rates are out of property owner’s control

3) Higher new taxes have been contracted as an option of the 2012A and 2012B bond trustee, and perhaps a new taxing authority asserted by the Carmel Redevelopment Commission. Voters have no say in the matter.

Bond principle is not being repaid on major bond debt

4) Principal payments don’t begin until 02/01/2025 on bond 2012A (principal $115,900,000).This is troubling because it looks like a reflection of marginal repayment capacity of the Carmel Redevelopment Commission. Bond payments will balloon by an average of $8.5MM annually starting in 2025. The 2014 Tax Increment Financing Revenue claimed by the CRC is $17,532,007. TIF receipts will need to increase by about 50% to cover just this one bond. If revenues don’t increase at this rate, Carmel property owners are on the hook for the debt.

Current bond debt will not be repaid for over 20 years

5) Current bond debt will require debt service until 2037. The present TIF districts will have largely expired in that time, necessarily decreasing tax revenues. Having to replace TIF tax base as old districts expire, limits the potential for net new revenues. Binding future generations with debt limits their freedom to choose how they will invest. Our children should not be forced to inherit debt for the worn out “vision” of others.

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Constitutional Patriots Meeting

Join us Tuesday, April 28th at 7pm as WIBC radio talk show host, Tony Katz, will be our speaker. Come and enjoy a fun, informative meeting. Doors open at 6:30

Central Christian church, 1242 W. 136th St., Carmel. Entrance in the back.

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Carmel Debt

The Mayor is using phony numbers to cover up the shortfall in re-paying Carmel’s debt. There are roughly a dozen projects throughout the city that are supposed to be generating revenue right now, yet they’re either producing no revenue or are vastly underperforming expectations. When reality catches up to the Mayor’s phony numbers, we’re going to have to plug yet another hole. Watch our new TV ad, and if you agree that it’s time to elect a real fiscal conservative in Carmel go here to donate to help us continue to air this commercial: http://www.rick-sharp.com/?page_id=7.

Also, please go to www.carmeldebt.com for more information on Carmel’s debt

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Did you know…all Carmel properties have been pledged as surety for City bond debt and every adult & child in Carmel is almost $12,000 in debt? Go to carmeldebt.com for more info.

* State property tax cap limit of 1% has been circumvented

* Levy of new property tax is now the option of bond trustees

* Higher new tax rates are out of property owner’s control

* Bond principle is not being repaid on major bond debt

* Current bond debt will not be repaid for over 20 years


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The Constitutional Patriots Endorse Mike Corbett for Mayor of Noblesville

mike corbett

Why are you running for office?
A. Noblesville needs to be more competitive. We compete with suburban communities all over the nation for jobs and people and we must distinguish ourselves by doing a better job of building our community. The contrast between Noblesville and other Hamilton County communities is striking and it’s because we suffer from a lack of visionary leadership. We’ve planned the work, now we have to do a better job of working the plan. We have a Comprehensive Plan, an Economic Development Plan, an Alternative Transportation Plan and more. They are good plans, we need better execution.
B. We need to recognize and deal with today’s economic reality. For the first time in many years, the city is operating under a deficit budget in 2015. We plan to spend more this year than we take in. That’s not a disaster but it’s also not sustainable. I don’t believe the current mayor is prepared to make the tough choices needed in this new economic reality that resulted from a recession and state mandated tax caps. This is the mayor that shortly after being re-elected asked for a 10% pay increase for himself while the rest of the city workers received 2.5%. We need someone more in tune with reality.
C. We need some fresh ideas in City Hall. All organizations: business, government, non-profit, religious, benefit from an occasional infusion of new blood. After ten years, especially when the mayor has funded the candidacies of half the city council, inertia takes hold, people start doing things by rote and stop asking good questions. Elected public service isn’t meant to be a career. Politicians should give their best for one or two terms, leave things better than they found them, and step aside for a new generation. This administration is well-beyond its freshness date. It’s time for a change.

What are your qualifications for the office you are seeking?
I bring a wealth of business experience to this job, having managed large and small operations, from advertising departments in newspapers at the nation’s largest corporations (Lee Enterprises, Gannett) to publishing a newspaper for a small family-owned business (Schurz Corporation) to running my own small business for the past seven years. I have lived in a brand new house in a brand new subdivision (Noble West) and in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, and I understand the concerns of both constituencies. Most of the businesses on the square are my customers. I volunteer for a variety of non-profits, including the Noblesville Preservation Alliance, HAND, Noblesville Main Street, Noblesville Chamber of Commerce, the Boys & Girls Club and the former Promising Futures. I am a Rotarian. I am plugged into the community in many ways and know the concerns of a variety of residents in town. My business (publishing the Hamilton County Business Magazine) takes me into other Hamilton County communities and I can bring a collaborative spirit that’s necessary to thrive in the 21st Century. I have a vision for Noblesville’s future that is missing from the current administration. I recognize the factors that make our city so appealing and I want to enhance and improve them. I bring a vision for the future with a respect for the past that will serve us well as we further develop our downtown and the outskirts of Noblesville. Finally, I bring fresh ideas and new perspective that every organization needs from time to time.

What would you like to accomplish while in office?
I would like to energize the effort to invest in our downtown, especially the initiative to expand across the river. We have plans for a new park on the west side and we will be living with the results of decisions being made right now. After attending some public meetings I am not confident that the current administration has a clear vision for what the west side should be. I have ideas about that and would like to make sure the west side is developed properly. I would like to develop more trails that work as transportation options as opposed to just recreational opportunities. We need to do a better job of connecting our trails and making sure they go places where people live, work and shop.I would like to change the culture in City Hall to have healthy respect for our built environment. We have signs posted all over town that we are a “Preserve America” community but this administration has shown a disregard for historic preservation. The city itself tears down buildings that change the character of our neighborhoods , permits developers to tear them down without regard to their historic significance, and is often late to the table when our historic landmarks are being threatened. I will improve that track record and make sure we are living up to our “Preserve America” designation. I will step up the effort to accomplish the goals outline di or Comprehensive Plan. They are ambitious but we aren’t making sufficient progress.

How do you define fiscal responsibility?
Fiscal responsibility entails being a good steward of the public’s financial resources, ensuring we have a dependable revenue stream and effective cost control. Our tax revenues are precious and the administration must ensure that we are using them as efficiently as possible. Although the city isn’t a business, government should employ the discipline required to run a business. That is, make sure your expenses don’t exceed your revenues, squeeze the value out of every dollar, and invest prudently without exposing the city to unreasonable risk. The city of Noblesville is operating under a deficit budget this year. Although that’s not catastrophic, it also isn’t sustainable and we will correct that in the first year of my administration. The tax caps imposed by the state have put new pressures on municipalities to run themselves efficiently. We must make it a priority to find new revenue streams or maximize those in place. One major strategy must be to recruit more businesses so the tax burden doesn’t fall so heavily on residents. We have the second highest municipal tax rate in the county; the revenue should be there to run our city effectively. Cost containment, balanced budgets and a diverse tax base will be the keys to effective fiscal management.

What will you do to promote transparency to the citizens when you are in office?
I am a professional communicator. I own and publish magazines; transparency is ingrained in my professional DNA. I approach this opportunity as an average citizen with nothing to hide and every intention of shining a bright light on the workings of city government. That’s one advantage of switching executives from time to time. A fresh outlook reveals the flaws of previous administrations and provides an opportunity to reset old and tired policies. Among my ideas to improve communication with the public.

-I will maintain good collaborative relationships with other stakeholders in our city, many of which I am already connected with.

-I will respect the watchdog role of our local press and make every effort to keep information flowing.

-We will use social media and other technology to stay in touch with constituents.

-I will institute regular meetings with the business community to stay abreast of their concerns and assure them that the city is interested in their welfare.

-I will remain visible in the community, interacting with formal and informal social and business groups in an effort to stay connected.

-I will attend neighborhood association meetings.

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The Constitutional Patriots Endorse Mark Boice for Noblesville Council

mark boice

Why are you running for office?
I have a strong history in Noblesville. Not only have I grown up here, my wife and I are raising our two daughters in this great community. I believe in giving back and want to help make Noblesville one of the best places to raise a family not just for me, but for my children when they grow up and start a family of their own.

What are your qualifications for the office you are seeking?
In addition to my career record, I have a history of giving back to his community. From 2004 to 2008, I served on the Board of Directors for the National Truck Equipment Association, an association dedicated to the quality and safety of North America’s work trucks. I was a member of the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors from 2000 to 2007 where I served as Chairman in 2006. I am currently a member of the Noblesville Education Foundation’s Board of Directors. I also am Eagle Scout and I have both my private pilot and commercial driver’s licenses. These accomplishments allowed me to be recognized in 2010 by the Indianapolis Business Journal as one of their 40 Under 40 Award recipients. I am also a 2011 graduate of the Hamilton County Leadership Academy and was recognized as a finalist for Noblesville’s Businessman of the Year in both 2004 and in 2007.

What would you like to accomplish when you are in office?
I would like to continue the leadership I have provided over the past seven years on council. I believe I bring a business perspective and experience to the city. For example, when I first joined the council, there were multiple 911 dispatch centers in the county. I worked hard to convince political leaders throughout the county to consolidate to a single dispatch center. This was at first a very unpopular move as it eliminated a full department within the City of Noblesville. Noblesville lost total control of the dispatchers and the system. Consolidation of these centers was important because it improved public safety by increasing communication between communities, eliminating system overlap and duplication, and ultimately, reducing costs significantly.

How do you define fiscal responsibility?
Fiscal responsibility is about managing government like a business and getting the most out of every dollar. Fiscal responsibility requires developing and living within sound budgets. It necessitates eliminating waste and unnecessary spending. Noblesville also needs to develop strategies and procedures to ensure the community will be fiscally sound 10 to 20 years from now. It is essential that our community plans for the future and attracts commercial and residential development that will increase revenues while requiring minimal costs.

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The Constitutional Patriots Endorse Sean Brady for Noblesville Common Council

sean brady

Why Are You Running For Office?
I have never run for a political office and I do not come into this race with any strings attached. I know that I can do a great job and make a positive difference in the community. I consider myself a fair and honest individual who can independently look at all the facts and make decisions based on the evidence.

What Are Your Qualifications For The Office You Are Seeking?
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University. I have over 24 years experience in public service in Hamilton County as a Law Enforcement officer. I have been a Noblesville resident for 20 years and have been proud to call Noblesville my home. I am also a small business owner and have experience managing budgets and people.

What Would You Like To Accomplish When You Are In Office?
My primary goal is to listen to the people of my district and represent their concerns to the best of my ability. I feel the council should identify both short term and long term goals; and then focus on achieving those goals while utilizing fiscal responsibility.

How Do You Define “Fiscal Responsibility”?
Oversight of how funds are spent and managed according to the goals and objectives of the organization. I am conservative by nature and plan on being a good steward of our tax dollars if elected.

What Will You Do To Promote Transparency To The Citizens While In Office?
My primary goal will be to listen to the people of my district and represent their concerns to the best of my abilities. I plan to run an aggressive door to door grassroots campaign and establish open lines of communication/contact information between myself and the people of District 6. If elected, I plan on sending out a monthly email (to anyone interested) updating everyone on what’s going on in the city and what items are coming up for a vote. I plan on keeping an open door.

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The Constitutional Patriots Endorse Jeff Harpe for Mayor of Westfield

jeff harpe

Why Are You Running For Office?
I have a passion for community service and I sincerely care about the citizens of our community. I want to ensure that the wants and needs of our citizens and businesses of our City of Westfield will become the basis for moving our city forward at a rate of responsible growth. Our current administration days of insider deals, liberal use of taxpayer funds and unmonitored borrowing power must end now in our community. Change is needed, and I will fight for justice, transparency, equality and provide opportunities where feedback is encouraged. I will follow the proper protocol of city government to increase efficiency and minimize unnecessary errors. I will ensure responsible economic development plans and an equal obligation to ensure that this growth is financially sustainable, we well as public safety, road and infrastructure, and emphasis on increasing “tax base” NOT “tax rate”.

What Are The Qualifications For The Office You Are Seeking?
My lifelong passion has been to serve and protect others. I have served our nation in the Army Reserves for 8 years, served the public for 23 years as a fire fighter, worked as a kindergarten assistant for 4 years and a community volunteer for 10 years. My years in public service have given me the leadership skills, resources and courage to stand up for and on behalf of all Westfield citizens. I am prepared to take on a leadership role as Mayor to protect the welfare and long term needs of the City of Westfield and its constituents.

What Would You Like To Accomplish While In Office?
I will be dedicated to leading an administration that we should not have to wish for with common sense and good government practices. An administration in which asks for and truly listens to its citizens’ opinions before making decisions that will affect the way the live and do business in Westfield. An administration in which knows each and every business and makes regular visits to see what he or she could do to makes things better. Meet with business groups, block clubs and citizens monthly, not to pitch “bigger and brighter” ideas, but rather to listen to the wants and needs of our citizens. Have successful businesses contribute back to the citizens and the City of Westfield because they have an actual voice in what’s happening around them and to them. Have all the city department heads present at every council meeting to address the questions and needs of the citizens. have our elected officials more concerned with the needs of the citizens and businesses they serve rather than thinking about how many years they have left to put up with their job to get their lifetime pension and healthcare coverage. With the help and team work of the City Council Officials and citizens, I want to create plans to not only maintain the quality of life for our residents but improve them. Making Westfield a place that people want to reside, I will diligently work on improving our infrastructure, continue to maintain and improve our public safety, and create incentives to large businesses in order to create jobs that people can support their families on. I will work closely with the Community Development Director to ensure that future projects are planned to protect the property values of all that will be affected. I will reinforce transparency on all decisions on spending and redevelopment by our elected city council members and myself.

How Would You Define “Fiscal Responsibility”?
Fiscal responsibility is to have a budget and to stay within that budget. Allocating all expenditures to the appropriate areas. Creating a surplus of emergency monies for things like flooding or harsh winters. Together with the City Council members and citizens, I will reevaluate spending on risky, unsustainable projects that do not fall within fiscal responsibility. To grow Westfield through large and small private investments.

What Would You Do To Promote Transparency to the Citizens While In Office?
I care about our Westfield citizens’ interests and voice. I care about opening up opportunities for our residents to get involved and informed and will ensure public knowledge and access to council chambers. TOGETHER, we have the ability to take steps forward, reach out to one another, and share in our ideas while preserving Westfield’s historic value for future generations. I will work to ensure that all budgeting, developmental planning and city expenditures are publicized and posted to city website as well as local and social media. I will make all meetings between City Council members and myself subject to the open door law, and be transparent. I believe we have a unique opportunity to form what could be the greatest administration and best chance for a brighter, more prosperous City of Westfield. A city run by the people, for the people. An old idea that is the best chance for our future.

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The Constitutional Patriots Endorse Bob Beaudry for Westfield City Council

bob beaudry

Why Are You Running For Office?
I am running for City Council because I have concerns about the mounting debt accumulating. City Councils should be fiscally responsible, independent of the Mayor and transparent. Those are my objectives.

What Are Your Qualifications For The Office You Are Seeking?
College educated with Bachelor’s Degree from Purdue University. Homeowners Association board dealing with residents, contractors, budget. Hamilton County Redevelopment Commission (2yrs) Run families small business involving sales, budget, finance. Self-starter and independent thinker who is grounded by my conservative ideals. I want to serve the interests of my community, not special interests.

What Would You Like To Accomplish When You Are In Office?
Manage debt and anticipate future needs be it roads, schools, city services. Support business with infrastructure improvements, city services, and lower taxes. Provide access to information so that transparency is never an issue. Earn the communities trust and show that decisions we make are a reflection of the people we represent. Finally, try to maintain the feel of Westfield’s small town attraction while managing the cities inevitable growth responsibly.

How Do You Define “Fiscal Responsibility”?
Keeping debt in check, and that revenues adequately finance any debt and city obligations. Not abusing things like TIF, which I believe jeopardizes the future. It is not government role to assume “risk”, that is the private sector. Anticipating future spending needs like schools, public safety. Putting some money back for a rainy day fund to cover unexpected expenditures.

What Will You Do To Promote Transparency To The Citizens While In Office?
Providing detailed information with an ease to access for any project discusses, negotiated, agreed to. Timely responses to questions with detailed responses. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

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The Constitutional Patriots Endorse Brian Ferguson for Westfield City Council

brian ferguson

Why Are You Running For Office?
Some people believe that piling on more and more debt and then hoping that enough businesses will be attracted to eventually pay off that debt, while putting current and future residents at risk for the repayment of that debt, is a good thing. I’m not one of those people. I don’t really like debt at any level: whether it’s my household, city government, state government, or the national government. I fear the City is accumuling an unsustainable amount of debt.

What Are You Qualifications For The Office You Are Seeking?
I have no prior experience in a political office nor have I previously run for any political office. I am approaching this office with an idealistic perspective about how government should work. Government should provide a basic level of services at a minimum expense to the taxpayers while being transparent and accountable. Lastly, I do not own a business, so I do not have any business interests that can be subject to potential political influence.

What Would You Like To Accomplish While IN Office?
Fiscal Responsibility, Independence from the Mayor’s Office, Transparency in actions.

How Do You Define “Fiscal Responsibility?”
Fiscal responsibility is making a determination of whether taxpayer money is spent on a public need or a want. Public needs should be undertaken but only when it can be financed appropriately. Public wants should be ignored until such time that they become public needs. Taxpayers should not be treated like a bottomless ATM or as the backstop to unnecessarily risky propositions and wasteful spending.

What Will You Do To Promote Transparency While In Office?
The requirements in Indiana Code 5-14: Public Records and Public Meetings provide for minimum levels of disclosure, which in my view should be raised considerably. All documents provided to the City Council for purpose of conducting City matters, should be posted on the City’s website, unless otherwise restricted by law. The Council should contract to have the City’s financials audited by an independent CPA firm on a yearly basis with the results posted to the City’s website. The City’s income and disbursements, at detail and summary levels, should be provided to the public on a monthly, year-to-date, and yearly basis. Lastly, the Council is supposed to provide independent oversight responsibility of the Mayor’s office. An attorney representing both the Mayor and he City Council has a conflict of interest. The Council should be represented by an attorney (and law firm) who does not also represent the Mayor’s office.

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