Hamilton County Candidate Meet and Greet

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 22nd. The Constitutional Patriots will be meeting at Central Christian church, 1242 W. 136th Street in Carmel. Doors open at 6:30 and the meeting will begin at 7:00. Entrance in the back of the building.
Candidates will have a few minutes to introduce themselves but this will be a casual meeting where you can actually talk to the candidates. Each one will have a table with their information on it.
Candidates attending:
Senator Luke Kenley and opponent Scott Willis
Representative Donna Schaibley and opponent Greg Fettig
Representative Jerry Torr and opponent Tom Linkmeyer
Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt and opponent Bill Smythe
Hamilton County At Large Candidates:
Brad Beaver
Jeff Hern
Rick McKinney
Hope to see you there!!
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Constitutional Patriots Meeting, Tuesday, March 22nd

Central Christian church

1242 W. 136th Street


Please join us at 7pm Tuesday, March 22nd for our monthly Constitutional Patriots meeting. We will be hosting a Hamilton County Candidate Meet and Greet with the County Commissioners, County Council, State Senate and State Representatives.

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Political Smear of Republican Candidate for County Chair

A political smear-piece regarding the candidacy of Pete Peterson for Hamilton County Republican Chairman was received yesterday, January 19th, by a number of Hamilton County Precinct Chairs, Vice Chairs and elected officials.  The document was delivered via US Post Office in an un-marked envelope without a return address.  The attribution at the bottom of the letter stated, “Members of the Constitutional Patriots of Hamilton County.”

The Constitutional Patriots wish to make it absolutely clear that the we had no role in creating or distributing this document. 

The Constitutional Patriots organization has the courage to ask tough political questions; consider diverse political opinions; and take strong political positions.  When our organization considers an issue and decides to take a position, we are not shy in making our position public, and we will stand strongly behind that position.  When we send something, it will be clear that it came from the Constitutional Patriots, not sent in an unmarked envelope.

The Constitutional Patriots believe that it is appropriate to ask tough questions of candidates and elected officials, and to hold those candidates and elected officials accountable for their votes and actions.  We do not fear being strong in our convictions and firm in our beliefs.

The Constitutional Patriots note that there is a principled method for bringing questions into the public view, including questions related to the vetting of candidates. Silently mailing anonymous, non-attributed smear-pieces to Precinct Chairmen is not a respectable method of engaging public discourse.

Hamilton County Precinct Chairs will be facing a difficult task this month in selecting a new County Republican Chairman.  This election is important.  Precinct Chairs should have the courage to vet every candidate and to ask tough questions of the people offering to lead the Party.  Anonymous smear-pieces are not an ethical means of achieving a political end.

The Constitutional Patriots reject such methods.




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Facts About Carmel Debt

State property tax cap limit of 1% has been circumvented

1) The State of Indiana has capped the private real estate property tax rate at 1%, with increased rates on commercial real property. However, there are other “Ad Valorum” taxes that can be levied against real property. One such tax is the “Special Benefits Tax.” All Carmel real properties were made subject to this new tax as a result of a refinance of Carmel Redevelopment Commission debt through bond debt agreements identified as series 2012A and 2101B. The SBT hasn’t been levied, but seems certain due to structural deficiencies in CRC financial policy.

Levy of new property tax is now the option of bond trustees

2) The Official Statement of series 2012A and 2012B provides that the bond trustee require the Commission to levy the SBT should the Debt Service Reserve Fund fall below the level required. It is not clear, but it appears the Commission may, at its option, levy the SBT. The OS states that the Commission is not required to make payments from the Tax Increment Revenue received by the Commission.

Higher new tax rates are out of property owner’s control

3) Higher new taxes have been contracted as an option of the 2012A and 2012B bond trustee, and perhaps a new taxing authority asserted by the Carmel Redevelopment Commission. Voters have no say in the matter.

Bond principle is not being repaid on major bond debt

4) Principal payments don’t begin until 02/01/2025 on bond 2012A (principal $115,900,000).This is troubling because it looks like a reflection of marginal repayment capacity of the Carmel Redevelopment Commission. Bond payments will balloon by an average of $8.5MM annually starting in 2025. The 2014 Tax Increment Financing Revenue claimed by the CRC is $17,532,007. TIF receipts will need to increase by about 50% to cover just this one bond. If revenues don’t increase at this rate, Carmel property owners are on the hook for the debt.

Current bond debt will not be repaid for over 20 years

5) Current bond debt will require debt service until 2037. The present TIF districts will have largely expired in that time, necessarily decreasing tax revenues. Having to replace TIF tax base as old districts expire, limits the potential for net new revenues. Binding future generations with debt limits their freedom to choose how they will invest. Our children should not be forced to inherit debt for the worn out “vision” of others.

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Constitutional Patriots Meeting

Join us Tuesday, April 28th at 7pm as WIBC radio talk show host, Tony Katz, will be our speaker. Come and enjoy a fun, informative meeting. Doors open at 6:30

Central Christian church, 1242 W. 136th St., Carmel. Entrance in the back.

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Carmel Debt

The Mayor is using phony numbers to cover up the shortfall in re-paying Carmel’s debt. There are roughly a dozen projects throughout the city that are supposed to be generating revenue right now, yet they’re either producing no revenue or are vastly underperforming expectations. When reality catches up to the Mayor’s phony numbers, we’re going to have to plug yet another hole. Watch our new TV ad, and if you agree that it’s time to elect a real fiscal conservative in Carmel go here to donate to help us continue to air this commercial: http://www.rick-sharp.com/?page_id=7.

Also, please go to www.carmeldebt.com for more information on Carmel’s debt

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Constitutional Patriots meeting, Tuesday, Apr. 28th

Central Christian church
1242 W. 136th Street
Carmel, IN 46032

Tuesday, April 28th, 7pm

Please join  us to hear WIBC radio talk show host, author and political commentator. Doors open at 6:30. Refreshments are served.

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The Constitutional Patriots Endorse Eric Seidensticker for City Council


Why Are You Running For Office?
I am running for re-election so that the integrity of the Central District representation will be maintained. I have served to protect the financial and community interests of the city. the city is in a very precarious position that, if allowed to continue in its present direction, would likely be detrimental to the tax base, both to the tax payer and business owner. Longevity of the conservative state is my goal.

What Are Your Qualifications For The Office You Are Seeking?
8 years experience watching the administration make financial decisions that are putting the taxpayer at risk. 8 years of standing up to partial truths by the current administration. Continuing to dig for the truth when common sense points that direction. I know that giving in to the unsupported barrage of how sunny the future will be is not representation but blind support and is the reason we are so leveraged and why so many “projects” depend on Carmel subsidies!

What Would You Like To Accomplish When In Office?
Continue my support of a conservative budget, encouragement of the operating scheme of the free market, support of businesses who provide jobs and needed services to Carmel, support the restructuring of the relationship between the city and the people with transparency and a fair and competitive work environment leading the list. Albeit Council’s limited, I will continue to support an efficient (and cost effective) Parks and Recreation Department (including multi-use paths)

How Do You Define “Fiscal Responsibility”?
Fiscal responsibility is the action of providing necessary and cost effective solutions to the city as a whole, while always being cognizant that the source of funding is not unlimited and is negatively impacted fiscally  every time an unfunded objective is created.

What Will You Do To Promote Transparency To The Citizens When You Are In Office?
Continue my encouragement and support of a list-server concept so that everyone knows (has access to) what’s going on in Carmel. I would support an accrual basis presentation of the city’s financial position. I would support the immediate disclosure to anyone requesting financial/contractual information from any department. I would support quarterly or semi-annual reports by Department heads as to their over/under budget predictions.

If you would like more biographical information on the candidate, please contact us at theconstitutionalpatriots@gmail.com

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The Constitutional Patriots Endorse Luci Snyder for City Council


Why Are You Running For Office?
I an running for re-election because after years on the Council and chairing the Finance Committee for the last 8 of them, I realize that the finances of this city are complex and, I believe, at a critical stage. What protections I used to think were in place were not of use as we found that there were ways around the rules….most of them perfectly legal. For those that were not, the issue was have to stop the behavior. State Board of Accounts, DLGF the Attorney General and finally legislative change. All have been explored. We learned that money budgeted for one use was taken for another….re-paving is a case in point. This office requires diligence and honesty.

What Are Your Qualifications For the Office You Are Seeking?
Every person on the Council brings a wealth of background, the more varied the better. Mine is that of a commercial real estate broker with a knowledge of values, contracts and even negotiating on behalf of the City with developers who, obviously want the best deal for their company while we are representing the interests of the taxpayer. I have served on the board of First Merchants Bank of Hamilton County, board of the Carmel Chamber of Commerce,president of my HOA and currently am a board member for the Humane Society and president of the Carmel Economic Development Commission. With that background I also have working relationships with the private sector as well as local and State officials.

What Would You Like to Accomplish When In Office?
I would like to insure the fiscal stability of the City while moving forward and investing in our growth. With the establishment of the new Stormwater Utility, the money currently secure for its intended purpose, I hope to keep up the infrastructure as the City is aging, to protect the values of our homes. I also value the varied neighborhoods, varied in size and price as our neighborhoods are our strength. I, along with Diana Cordray, put the Rainy Day fund in place. Our target is to maintain a balance equal to 10% of the General Fund budget. We have moved money out of this fund for unexpected expenses but have replenished those funds. I maintain that this money not only keeps our credit rating high as S&P now not only looks at the ability to raise taxes but at liquidity. The Mayor has for 3 years attempted to use this money for operations but to no avail.

How Do You Define “Fiscal Responsibility?”
Simple…..you can’t spend more than your income. You can’t keep borrowing for current projects, assuming maximum income to pay the debt, postponing principal payments, which payments may not be possible if the optimistic projections fall short. This is exactly what happen to the CRC. The Council had to basically become the guarantor for a new $180,000,000 loan which was backed by the residential property owner. The the CRC TIF income failed to cover the debt payment…a residential tax would be put in place. The Council avoided that, we hope, by putting in place a Special Reserve Fund and pledging the resources of the Rainy Day Fund.

What Will You Do to Promote Transparency to the Citizens When You Are in Office?
That is exactly what I have done all the time I have been in office….I don’t just make promises, I stand on a record of transparency.

If you would like more biographical information on the candidate, please contact us at theconstitutionalpatriots@gmail.com

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Candidate Meet and Greet

The Constitutional Patriots will be hosting a Candidate Meet and Greet for all of the Hamilton County candidates on Tuesday, March 17th at 7pm. We meet at Central Christian church, 1242 W. 136th Street in Carmel. Please share with your friends and neighbors and join us for an evening to get to know your candidates.

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